Team Foundation Power Tool

COOLNESS!!! The Process Template Editor is the tool that I worked on with Joel Semeniuk, it is now part of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Power Tool.

It is also presented on Channel9 


You can use the following code to connect to a Team Foundation Server using the built in Connect dialog and User Authentication dialog.

using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Proxy;

DomainProjectPicker domainProjectPicker =
new DomainProjectPicker(DomainProjectPickerMode.None); 

//Options for DomainProjectPickerMode
// DomainProjectPickerMode.AllowMultiSelect;
// DomainProjectPickerMode.AllowProjectSelect;
// DomainProjectPickerMode.DisableServerSelect;
// DomainProjectPickerMode.ForwardWndMsgOutsideVS;
// DomainProjectPickerMode.None;

TeamFoundationServer tfs;
(domainProjectPicker.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
  tfs= domainProjectPicker.SelectedServer;
new UICredentialsProvider());

We have uploaded a new release of the Process Template Editor  (version PTE0.9.2263.536)
VSTS Customization Toolkit: Releases

Bug fixes only.