ProgrammableWeb: Mashups and the Web as Platform
COOL!  This site has a database listing Web 2.0 APIs and all the latest news on mashups.  Now where to begin… Ideas?


Telecommute, Part-Time, Contract Software jobs on Craig’s List

I “discovered” Craig’s List while looking for my next part time gig (always moonlighting).  It looks like a great resource for finding telecommute jobs, but sadly you can only search jobs for one particular city at a time. It is a major pain to go through all the cities to look for a type of job that doesn’t require you to be in that city… telecommuting, part-time contract jobs…

So I decided to create a little search engine that performs a  multi-city (all) search of jobs posted on Craig’s List with the Telecommute, Part-Time, Contract option checked within the Software category.

I used to email it directly to my inbox, but then I thought there must be tons of other moonlighting geeks who would appreciate this information…

Wow, I never knew String.Format can do so much…

 Kathy Kam : .NET Format String 101

These are the industry-accepted standard naming conventions for J#, C# and VB.NET programs… too bad I'm stuck in a PowerBuilder shop that forces us to use PowerBuilder-like naming convention (using prefixes to signify data type and scope)

.NET Naming Conventions and Programming Standards (C#.Net, VB.Net, J#.Net) and Best Practices