Dabbling with Drupal – Part 2 – GoDaddy restrictions

May 18, 2007

One of the last module that I enabled for the Telecommute Job List site was the built in Search ( Google have not fully index the site yet).  And this is when I found out that GoDaddy does not  allow the creation of temporary tables.  The following is the error message:

user warning: Access denied for user *******@’%’ to database *******query: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp_search_sids SELECT i.type, i.sid, SUM(i.score * t.count) AS relevance, COUNT(*) AS matches FROM search_index i INNER JOIN search_total t ON i.word = t.word INNER JOIN node n ON n.nid = i.sid INNER JOIN users u ON n.uid = u.uid WHERE n.status = 1 AND (i.word = ‘asp’) AND i.type = ‘node’ GROUP BY i.type, i.sid HAVING COUNT(*) >= 1 in /home/content/t/e/l/telecommutejob/html/
includes/database.mysql.inc on line 172.
user warning: Table ********.temp_search_sids’ doesn’t exist query: SELECT MAX(relevance) FROM temp_search_sids in /home/content/t/e/l/telecommutejob/html/
includes/database.mysql.inc on line 172.

This is the reply from the Customer Support:

Thank you for contacting Online Support. Unfortunately ‘Create Temporary Table’ is not supported in our databases. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Damn… Damn… Damn… The stupid thing is that I checked the restrictions on this page:  Do you restrict any features in MySQL 4.1/5.0?  and it mentions nothing about TEMPORARY table creations.

Oh well… after Googling for some time I found a solution for this here

I haven’t done too much testing yet but so far so good.


3 Responses to “Dabbling with Drupal – Part 2 – GoDaddy restrictions”

  1. BryanSD Says:

    I’ve spent some time the past couple days trying to figure out some work-arounds for host companies that don’t allow temporary tables. While you can always go to a VPS where you have full control of the server…it would be nice if the better CMS would work with the budget hosting companies.

    With regards to search there are alternative modules than the one provided in the core. Try SQL Search (Trip Search): http://drupal.org/project/trip_search .


  2. Melina Says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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