Northwest Hockey Sports Camp

April 11, 2007

I recently helped redesign a website for a family owned Hockey Sports Camp.  Some of the objectives are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to navigate
  • Not much in the budget, it so must be up and running very quickly.

The old site is still here.

To achieve these goals I decided to use a content management system.  With my  prior experience using DotNetNuke, right away I was leaning in that direction.  But the host that the old site is on was not MS based, so I had to look for other alternatives.  After some quick research the two open source system that won me over was Joomla! and Drupal.

I installed the two system and played around with them little bit.  I didn’t have too much time to go into either of them very deeply, in the end I chose Joomla.  The ease of the administration screens won me over.  In my opinion it is much more friendlier than Drupal’s. 

Here is the new site:  Northwest Hockey Sports Camp

It’s simple, not overly flashy and I’m not too fond of the colour scheme, but the clients are loving it.  I handed over the controls and they are able to run with it after very little training.  I charged them 18 hours worth of billable work.  I didn’t include any of the setup and research effort because the geek in me knows I was having too much fun for it to be “work”.

I haven’t given up on Drupal though… my next “experiment” will definitely include Drupal in some form.


2 Responses to “Northwest Hockey Sports Camp”

  1. Tiaan Says:

    Drupal (and, I assume, Joomla!) has its uses, but to have something more .NET-like for Linux, similar to DotNetNuke, would be nice. I wish that DotNetNuke would support the Mono Project so that it could be used with hosts that are not MS based.

    By the way, the colour scheme reminds me a bit of the Minnesota Vikings.

  2. cristian Says:

    thanks for the craiglist page blog!
    cristian, from argentina

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