Debugging… or not…

July 22, 2006

I was working happily in Visual Studio 2005 (with Visual Basic) when all of the sudden I couldn’t debug anymore.  It pops up this error message:

To debug this module, change its project build configuration to Debug mode. To suppress this message, disable the “warn if no user code on launch” debugger option.

Here is how I got it to work again:

Project | Properties | Compile tab | Advanced Compile Options…

Set the Generate debug info to pdb-only… Somehow this setting was set to None.

No idea how but there it is…


2 Responses to “Debugging… or not…”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Hi Benjamin – I am having the same problem but working in Visual C# Express.

    Any idea how to replicate the solution in my environment ?


  2. Michael Says:


    I was reading your post regarding “seeking partner for internet startup”

    Please email me for further details (did not fing your email address on this site)


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